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hate mail 3.


I don't hate it, but I think it's stupid. If you publish a pic of my car or if I get another one of these I will be compelled to do something about it. I checked out your site and I suspect it's run by people who live in the surbs where parking spaces are w-i-d-e and have no clue as to the reality of city driving. I checked out your what. What I have personally seen on many occasions is two or more cars all parked in a row and over the line. So who's fault? The last one left then looks like the asshole. Would it be okay to put a similar flyer on my coat at a restaurant, or even on me? Crazy that you'd promote this.

Subject: You caught me!
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 19:50:05 -0500

Dear youparklikeanasshole,
I received one of your notices recently on a piece of paper with only your website on it and no details provided on my alleged "infraction". My guess is it's because I was parked way over the line next to the pillar and up close to the wall. I have no doubt the pillar and wall think I'm an asshole. Too bad for them. The vigilante parking-Nazi fucks (don't call me an asshole) that your site encourages, I am sure do not really think I am an asshole for that would require the act of thinking. By the way, I park like that when I can, not to look cool or inconvenience the pillars and walls, but to avoid the inevitable accumulation of dings from the oblivious door swinging assholes.
It is possible that the parking attendants found this annoying. As I have been parking there for a year now in the same manner and have received only friendly waves from the individuals who work there, it is unlikely. But I will inquire, just to be sure, when I notify the parking management about this. I noticed these little flyers also on other cars around me. The cars looked fine, but I didn't have measuring tape on me so can't be certain.

I am not planning to change my parking habits, but am not looking forward to receiving more flyers and potentially setting myself up as the target for the vandalism your site (indirectly) encourages. There are other parking lots. I will take my business elsewhere.

My recommendation is that you either cease to exist or rename your site to something like "friendlyparkingreminders" and encourage individuals to perform random acts of kindness and post "friendly" notices (or would that kill the fun factor for all?). And drop the photos. It's an ugly precedent. What's next - youactlikeanasshole? Hmm. There is at least one annonymous individual who qualifies.

I will be checking for a photo of my car and if I find it will pursue this further. You guess which car it is.
Happy holidays.


you people need to keep your hands off my vehicle.
some asshole put a notice on my car and needless to say I was parked correctly.
I brought out the store manager where I was parked and also called the police .
when I find out who did this they are in serious trouble because of your web site.
there is a video camera on the site and the police department is investigating it now.
so lets see who the asshole is going to be.cant wait
you may have trespassing and slander charges on you.


You people are going to get someone killed. My vehicle was parked on my property and someone put your asshole notice on it. Be advised, I am armed and will shoot and kill the next person who trespasses on my property. Consider this an official warning.

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