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hate mail.

ahhh. hate mail. you gotta love it. i have been collecting it since the site's inception, and i figured it was time for everyone else to laugh along with me. my favorites include "...i'm taking this to city hall..."; " sad little person..."; and people in other states that blame me for putting notices on their cars--yes, i drive around the country placing these on autos. enjoy.


whoever gave me my notice didn't even check a box...probably because the 3 feet in front of my car before the driveway was so inconsequential that it would have made the writer look like the asshole. It made no difference in space at all. Looks like the writer was just being a bitch cuz he/she couldn't find a spot.
Love the idea of the notice but if you don't execute properly, then you're just ranting, off-base bitches.
do better!


I would like to start by saying this person must have 2 assholes for eyes. He states that I was taking up 2 spots. I was only in one spot. I was close to his spot as the vehicle on my left was actually in my spot. You must be a total moron and an unbelievable stupid person. The note you left tells me you need to brush up on your penmanship. Also your grammar leaves a lot to be desired. If you feel the need to tell me I park like an asshole why didn't you wait for me and say it to my face. This tells me you are a coward. By the way if I were in 2 spots why didn't you call the police, a summons can be given out for this offense. You asshole.


I think you should clarify that the “move up” option does not apply to parallel parking.

If you take a moment to think about it, it should be apparent that the space in front or in back of a car which is parallel parked may have nothing to do with how the owner of that car parked.

As cars move over time, the space in front and in back of a stationary car changes.

If you have a user of your site who has nothing better to do than sit and watch cars as they parallel park on a street to see how these patterns develop, I’m sorry that this is the most meaningful thing they have to do with their lives. Perhaps they could take some of their extra time and energy and go out and help some fellow human beings (ditto to those who used the precious moments of their lives to create this site in the first place!).

Perhaps you should focus more discouraging people who are actually guilty of something like parking carelessly and denting the fenders of cars in front and back of them or vandalizing cars. Also consider discouraging those who speed on residential streets where families and elderly people live BEFORE they kill or injure something, reckless drivers, drunk and otherwise under the influence drivers or those people who keep their windows open while listening their "music" played way too loud so we are all subject to it.

I would suggest that you use your website for a socially redeemable purpose. The title is offensive.


You guys have no place doing this. I was doing community service judging the science fair in monterey county, and received one of you're notices and it really offended me. I can totally understand when some does an EXCEPTIONALLY POOR job parking that you give them a notice, but this is just a little over the top.

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